What We Do


Following admission, members of our medical, nursing and therapy staff carry out a full assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to establish the resident’s needs and to plan appropriate care and treatment. Occasionally, with the permission of the resident, we will ask family members for input as part of this assessment. We encourage the participation of all individuals in planning their programme of care during their stay with us.

Frequent Team Discussion

  • Our team meets frequently to review all aspect of each resident’s care programme.
  • Members of the team also take part in a formal ward round every eight months where residents can discuss their ongoing care needs with those present.

Care Plan

Each resident has an individual care plan drawn up following their assessment and a discussion with them and their family, where appropriate. This care plan is carefully adhered to, and it is reviewed and updated every three months. Residents’ input is encouraged as part of these reviews.

Daily Life in Anna Gaynor House

Each of our residents has an individualised care plan, which means that everyone’s schedules are different. Nevertheless, most residents participate in weekly sessions of physiotherapy, complementary therapy and occupational therapy. In Anna Gaynor House, we understand that some of our residents enjoy having quiet time, whereas others like to keep busy and socialise. As such, each resident can pick and choose which additional activities (if any) they would like to take part in. These include weekly musical entertainment, arts and crafts, shed group and other occasional social events. All residents are welcome on our Residents’ Committee.