Bereavement Support

The Bereavement Support Service at Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services is provided by the Social Work Department and provides one-to-one support to those who are bereaved if their relative or friend was cared for by Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss. There are many different ways of experiencing and expressing grief which is influenced by factors such as your personality, the relationship you had with the person who died, the length of time you spent together, and whether the death was sudden or expected.

Most people deal with grief with the support of family and friends while others find it helpful to talk to someone outside of their social network. Talking to someone who understands grief can give you a space to talk about the person who has died and assist you with coping strategies.

Our Bereavement Services booklet outlines in more detail the services we offer.

Bereavement Services available

Our Bereavement Service is available to adults and children who have had a loved one die in our care.

It is free and non-denominational. We recognise that people living in Ireland from different cultural backgrounds may experience or express their grief in different ways. The bereavement service will try to offer the support that would be helpful to meet your particular needs

Contact us

If you wish to avail of the Bereavement Support Service please contact the social work department