“The care here is like a comfort blanket being wrapped around you…from the moment you enter, you know you’re safe. And the comfort extends to family and friends.”

“You’ve no idea the difference it made to me physically, mentally and emotionally. Everyone you meet whether it’s a nurse, doctor, physio, cleaner or volunteer – they’re just so lovely and caring. It’s a very rare and precious thing feeling the love and care and understanding. The staff make you feel like you’re the centre of their world. Your needs are so important and also no trouble to them.”

“I think everyone kind of expected that Hospice was something quite dreary. But when I walked in here I was just amazed that it was the complete opposite. You automatically feel a sense of warmth. There’s a lot going on every day that you can do.”

“Before I came in, I was in excruciating pain. So when they got it under control I felt like, okay, I could run the marathon again! I would highly recommend it – taking on board the relaxation, the pain relief and just living day to day.”

“One of the strongest things I would advise would be, forget the old-fashioned term of respite – throw that out the window. Respite now has taken on a totally different connotation.  The facilities are better, there’s better care. The attitude of the staff immediately puts you at ease. Any fears you have are immediately removed. Right from your entry into here, the warmth comes across. You immediately feel, oh this is nice. That’s the immediate feeling you get when you come through the door.”


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