Research at Academic Department of Palliative Medicine

At Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, we are committed to promoting evidence-based care and practice throughout the organisation and work to create a strong research culture.

This necessitates on-going research into both current interventions and models of care, as well as novel interventions and models of care. As such, we are committed to facilitating organisation-wide research across all our specialties to include our patient/resident voice.

We endeavour to become a centre of excellence in collaboration with our academic partners in terms of clinical research (in specialist palliative care, gerontology, and rheumatology), and to undertake research that is original in nature, clinically relevant, and academically and methodologically robust.

We endeavour to undertake both internally generated research studies, and to collaborate with external researchers and organisations (both nationally and internationally). We also undertake all types of research (e.g. clinical, non-clinical; academic, commercial), and research involving patients, carers, and healthcare professionals and volunteers.

We also encourage our staff to undertake research, and especially to undertake research-based higher qualifications in conjunction with our academic partners (Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin). We have strong links with these academic partners, and with the local healthcare providers, and will work to develop further collaborative research initiatives.

We also collaborate with the Palliative Care Research Network of the All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care. OLH&CS endeavour to provide research education and training opportunities for its clinical staff in order to facilitate research within its clinical services.

Academic Department of Palliative Medicine (ADPM)

ADPM Team 2023

The Academic Department of Palliative Medicine (ADPM) is a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services. The ADPM is located within the Education & Research Centre at Our Lady’s Hospice (Harold’s Cross), with staff / students from all three institutions.

Professor Andrew Davies (Professor of Palliative Medicine Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services Dublin) is Head of the ADPM, which includes two Clinical Lecturers, 1 Postdoctoral researcher, 5 PhD students, 2 MD students, 1 MSc student, 3 research nurses and an academic secretary.

Current research themes include clinically-assisted hydration, circadian rhythm disorders, remote monitoring, oral symptoms (xerostomia, taste disturbance), cancer associated anorexia / weight loss, opioid-induced constipation, navigation for cancer patients and cancer survivorship.

Contact: / (01) 498 6235

Our publications

Publications covering a range of research activity (clinical and academic) undertaken by staff and affiliates to OLH&CS across the disciplines of Palliative Care, Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease, Care of the Older Person, Nursing, Health & Social Care Professionals and Other.


Policy on Approval of Research and Research Funding in Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services

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