How to be Referred to Our Services

Prospective patients/residents who can be considered for admission are primarily those:

  • Over the age of 65.
  • Who are dependent on nursing and medical care and for whom recovery to independent living is unlikely;
  • Who are in an advanced state of chronic or terminal illness; (Fast Track)
  • Who have a prognosis of less than 20 weeks; (Fast Track)
  • Who would benefit particularly from a palliative care approach; (Fast Track)

Our service may be accessed through:

  • HSE’s Nursing Homes Support Scheme (more commonly known as ‘Fair Deal’).  Further information on this scheme can be obtained by clicking on the following link
  • Fast Track Pathway (Supportive Palliative Care Level 2)
  • Dementia Specific Respite

Enquiries may be directed to our Admissions Manager. Tel: 01-406 8790.

Quality of Care

In accordance with the National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland as laid down by HIQA (The Health Information and Quality Authority), our primary purpose is to ensure that a high standard of care and accommodation is provided to our residents.

End-of-Life Care

In the final stages of life, we will provide all necessary nursing, medical and support facilities to residents and their families. We do not transfer residents to an acute setting except for specific medical reasons, which will be done in accordance with their wishes.

Cost of Our Services

Each resident’s payment arrangements will be discussed and agreed with our Patients’ Accounts Office on completion of a Financial Assessment Form.