Small Change

Our Small Change collection boxes have really taken off since they were first launched in 2010.

Last year (2018) thanks to the small change generously donated and collected by individuals, local companies and volunteers, we raised  a colossal €104,952. Truly every little DOES help!

If you would like one of our Small Change boxes, please call us on (01) 491 1072.

Then simply leave your box by the bed, in the laundry area, in the kitchen, on the hall table, in the canteen, at your desk, beside the couch…anywhere you can think of at home or at work to lighten your load and empty those pockets. It really will make a big difference.

  1. Simply place this box where your small change lives… by the bed, in the laundry area, in the kitchen, in the canteen, at your desk
  2. When it is full please bring it in to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services either in Harold’s Cross or Blackrock
  3. We will give you a fresh box so you can start filling again!
  4. We’ll also use our counting machine to find out how much you have collected and we’ll write out to you to let you know.

Thank you in advance for the Big Difference your Small Change will make.

You can drop your coins to:

Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Service

Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W

Blackrock Hospice

Sweetman’s Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Map showing Blackrock Hospice, click to enlarge