Visitors’ Information

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Outside of Covid restrictions, we typically operate an open policy for visiting and welcome family and friends including children. We even welcome domestic pets!

Each patient room has been designed with an overnight bed, which the staff can set up so you can spend time with your loved one.

Limited parking spaces are provided for visitors. There is no charge for the use of these facilities.

We provide and launder all bed linen and towels.  Arrangements should be made to launder patients’ personal clothing at home.

Letters and parcels are delivered on a daily basis.

Patients can post letters and parcels that are stamped by asking staff for assistance.

Phone calls can be put through to the main hospice reception desk on 01 4068888. The team can help with your enquiries.

Letters and parcels are delivered to the wards on a daily basis. Patients can easily post letters , they need only ask their ward clerk about this. Only letters bearing a postage stamp will be mailed.

When Covid restrictions finish we hope to provide a restaurant space for family and friends to relax with their loved ones.   

Patients may smoke in a dedicated external smoking area. Note, this is strictly for patient use only.