For almost 20 years, Blackrock Hospice has been operating from its base in Sweetman’s Avenue. During 2022, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services is investing in significant renovations.

This work will ensure that Blackrock Hospice meets the needs of the community now and for the future. These changes will make real improvements to the environment where we provide our care.

It is not practical to keep the Hospice open during the renovation period so Blackrock Hospice will relocate its operations while the works take place.

How does this impact patients?

  • There will be no changes for those receiving visits in their home from our specialist community palliative care team, who will continue to operate as normal.
  • Out-patient appointments will be provided in 203 Merrion Road.
  • In-patients will be accommodated in either Harold’s Cross or Wicklow Hospice according to their preference and availability.

We look forward to welcoming patients and families back to the new improved facility in 2022.

Fundraising message: The project will cost in the region of €6.5 million in fundraised income. We have around €4.5 million (70%) of the funding in place already but we are always seeking support from individuals, groups, companies and other organisations. We greatly appreciate donations, large and small, in support of this ambitious project.