Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease Treatment

The following are some examples of research projects which have been undertaken recently in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, or are currently in progress:

  • Bates, U (2013), Effective multidisciplinary teams in rheumatology: using SBAR communication training to improve team functioning
  • French, H (2015), How common are features of central sensitisation and neuropathic pain in Osteoarthritis? A cross-sectional study
  • Grant, M (2014): Evaluate the efficacy of the addition of group education and exercise classes to physiotherapy services in the RMDU physiotherapy department in the treatment of chronic pain
  • Lyons, E (2013): An exploration of the impact of disseminating a best practice resource guide to Occupational Therapists on vocational rehabilitation for clients with musculoskeletal disorders and pain
  • Minnock, P (2011): Mixed methods research design to determine clinical characteristics, contributory factors and patients’ perceptions of fatigue in inflammatory arthritis
  • Moore, L (2013): An observation of current practices in medication management of the pre-conceptual and pregnancy care of rheumatology patients in Ireland
  • McDaid, E (2014): The use of the internet for health related information in patients attending an Irish rheumatology unit
  • O’Brien, C (2013): The impact of fibromyalgia on participation in meaningful occupations: perceived experiences of a group of women living in Ireland
  • Shinners, E (2015), Survey of Irish Rheumatology Nurses examining clinical practice, professional behaviour, competencies and education