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Care of the Older Person

The following are some examples of research projects which have been undertaken recently in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, or are currently in progress:

  • Donohoe, D (2014): The value of 2 hour postprandial blood sugar in diagnosing non insulin dependent diabetes in older adults
  • McHugh, G (2011): An exploration of the lived experience of community dwelling on older people with subjective memory complaints:  impact on activity and participation
  • McHugh, G & Brownlee, J (2010): The use of the 2:1 model of practice education in a community reablement unit
  • Moran, D (2013): The experience and meaning of the occupational therapy group programme for long-term residents
  • Phelan, A, O’Malley, C & Toohey, H (2013): Pilot study to test the reliability of the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index (EASI) in an irish context
  • Usher, R & Devine, M (2014): Effectiveness of an occupational therapy wellness programme for older adults living in long-term care
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