Dignity at Work Support Contact Person Training

Objectives:  Participants will:

  • Understand what is meant by Dignity at Work and what behaviours may constitute bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.
  • Be aware of the dynamics of bullying, its complexities and its subtleties
  • Be informed as to established definitions of bullying and harassment.
  • Be aware of the impact of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment on the individual and the organisation.
  • Be introduced to useful templates for understanding bullying and harassment and their impact eg the H Pyramid, the Window of Tolerance
  • Understand the scope of the law in Ireland on these issues.
  • Have a detailed understanding of Dignity at Work Policy and the Procedures.
  • Know the range of options for a staff member with concerns about bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • Have an awareness of the sensitivities of this issue for the staff member. 
  • Be clear about the nature, limits and boundaries of the role they are taking on.
  • Know how to structure an interview with a staff member. 
  • Be prepared with regard to the practical issues involved e.g. means of contact by staff member, venue, their own release from work etc. 
  • Be able to assess risk and to understand the limits to confidentiality and the reasons for those limits 
  • Have been provided with guidelines as to how to facilitate a meeting with a staff member who feels he or she is being bullied or harassed. 
  • Have considered the issues which may arise when supporting a staff member accused of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment. 
  • Be prepared for the impact of being in this role, and for dealing with this impact.


Participation is encouraged, and questions and discussion are welcomed.  This allows participants to tease out the issues, to apply the theory to practical examples, and to engage with the approach put forward.  Methods include structured group discussion, formal inputs by the trainers, group exercises, case studies and role plays.

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Please fill in the below form to provide us with information on staff access to HSELAND.

This information will be used to identify staff / groups in OLH&CS who need support with access to HSELAND.

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