Palliative Care Symptom Management Workshop FULL Series

Day 1- Understanding the principles of Pain Management in palliative care (26 February 2020)

Day 2 – Gastro Intestinal Symptom Management (1 April 2020)

Day 3 – Central Nervous System Symptom Management (29 April 2020)

Day 4 – Miscellaneous Symptoms and Issues to Manage in Palliative Care (27 May 2020)

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Sacred Art of Living & Dying: Healing Spiritual Pain 2020

Participants experience and are mentored in a wide range of creative and effective psychospiritual tools for end of life care. The spectrum of practices includes art and music therapies, guided imagery, coma work and prescriptive ritual tailored to the spiritual belief of each patient. Holistic therapies are drawn from the world’s great spiritual traditions and applied with contemporary scientific skills.

What you can expect from this program:

  • Experience with three different styles of guided imagery which have a proven clinical track record for alleviating spiritual pain
  • Practiced with the principles of Coma Therapy for use with patients in states of altered consciousness.
  • Experimentation with one of several art therapy projects which can be applied for bed bound patients.
  • Study of the acclaimed science-based research of Drs. Larry Dossey and Joan Borysenko on the effectiveness of ‘non-local’ prayer on healing.
  • Development of a practical ritual to be used in end-of-life care based on traditional and contemporary models.
  • Reflection on a Bereavement Model for ‘reconciling grief’ based on the work of Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s Center for Loss and Transition in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Walking the labyrinth and reflection on its unique history as a symbol of spiritual pilgrimage.

Please click on this link to read Inside Out Magazine’s (Issue No .88 Summer 2019) interview with Professor Richard Groves on the Sacred Art of Living and Dying.

Please click on this link to view Professor Richard Groves speaking about the Sacred Art of Living and Dying in Ireland.

Various Continuing Professional Development / Accreditation

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The Enneagram with Professor Richard Groves

Through a highly interactive programme participants will explore the nine different personality types of the Enneagram and their own personality through the fields of philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

The workshop is led by the experienced Professor Richard Groves. Professor Groves has been studying the Enneagram for over 20 years and has worked closely with the esteemed Richard Rohr.

Day 1: An introduction to the history, traditional and evolution of the Enneagram. Professor Groves will introduce each of the 9 styles and offer classic examples through multi media and personal testimony.

Day 2: As the participants have a more significant understanding of the styles they begin to focus in on their own core type. Through a process of ‘panels’ and personal discovery the search become more refined.

This workshop provides an intimate and accessible introduction to the Enneagram tool.

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