Mission Matters

The aim of the Mission Committee is to promote and enhance the mission of the organisation and to ensure the core values are integrated into everyday practice, all interactions, policy and procedures and form the foundations of all change management programmes adapted by Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services so that all activity is value proofed.

The following groups have been set up through the Mission Committee:

The Diversity group

Established in 2013, The Diversity group celebrates the fact that everyone is different. Harnessing these differences creates a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, their talents are fully utilised and organisational goals are met. Diversity is about recognizing and valuing our differences.

The Employee Wellbeing Group

Established in 2013, The Employee Wellbeing Group aims to create a positive and supportive working environment for all employees and volunteers. During 2015, the main focus for the group was: improving mental health and fitness and several programmes have rolled out such as: Care for Carers Workshops, Be the Best You can Be programme, Mindfulness sessions, Bootcamp classes, Tai Chi classes, Slí na Sláinte, Badminton and Festive Fit.

The Staff Council

Established in 2016, the  Staff Council aims to provide a dynamic and engaging forum that represents the well-being, social and personal interests of all employees. The  Staff Council serves as a voice for staff and its primary purpose is to be guardians of the new ‘Staff Priority Pledge’ launching in July 2016, as well as plan the initiatives that will develop from same.

Every time an initiative comes from one of the above 3 groups – it is in the interest of supporting the Staff Priority Pledge and living its values every day.