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Mindfulness 8-Week Course

To apply:

Please email David Shannon at dshannon@olh.ie or Emma Duff at eduff@olh.ie. Places will be allocated following completion of an application form and a brief conversation with David or Emma to ensure that this is the right time in your life to undertake mindfulness training.

Closing date for receipt of applications: Wednesday 5th September, 2018.

The course will be subject to audit and so will require completion of a pre and post stress measures and a course feedback form. Participation in audit is voluntary.

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Sacred Art of Living & Dying: Transforming Spiritual Pain 2018

Personal and / or Professional Spiritual Development

Transforming Spiritual Pain is one of the four units of The Sacred Art of Living and Dying. This world renowned programme has been running at Our Lady’s Hospice since 2008 and consists of four stand-alone units.

Each unit comprises of a two-day workshop followed by five small study group sessions, called Circles of Trust.  These two-hour monthly meetings are held in various locations and designed to maximize integration of learning into daily practice.  Programmes are a creative blend of instruction, hands-on experience, multimedia presentation, personal reflection and creative rituals from the world’s great wisdom traditions. The s interactive and inspirational learning experience promotes personal and professional growth.

The programme will enable participants to:

  • Explore the nature and inter-relationship of human health and suffering and the universal aspects of meaning, forgiveness, hope & relationship.
  • Live with enhanced purpose and meaning through all the stages and transitions of living and dying and accompany others to do so.
  • Connect or reconnect the ‘soul and role’ in their lives.

Transforming Spiritual Pain is the fourth of four study units providing the historical and theoretical foundation for the Anamċara. Each of the study units is grounded in the contemporary health care sciences and is inspired by the great spiritual traditions and collective wisdom learned from the dying.

The meaning of life and death, compassion and caring are explored in a nurturing environment. Based on lessons that the dying teach the living, this retreat format allows for ample reflection on the meaning of end-of-life ministry. Exercises include meditation, life-priorities evaluation and self-care skills for maintaining a centered, professional presence.

What you can expect from this program:

  • Study and personal experience with some of the different principles and techniques of ‘energy work’ by using bio-feedback mechanisms as a means of assisting a patient’s state of physical and emotional well-being.
  • Experimentation with guided visualization formats for the ‘healing of memories.’
  • Exploration of the ethical dimensions of end-of-life caregiving that impact the long-term emotional and spiritual lives of caregivers.
  • Examination of the distinction between caregiver burnout and fatigue as well as other practical antidotes to stress.
  • Exposure to basic theory and techniques related to Jungian dream analysis, particularly as it relates to emotional and spiritual pain at the end of life.
  • Discussion of basic rights and obligations regarding body ‘aftercare,’ burial, memorial services and grief support for extended family systems.
  • 5 sessions of two-hours each in a Circle of Trust, facilitated by a trained animator. These sessions are held where possible in locations suitable to participants.  Participants may have to travel to Dublin or other locations depending on availability of other participants and/or animators. On line meetings may be facilitated if necessary.

Core textbooks for the programme include:

  • A Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer
  • The American Book of Living and Dying by Richard Groves.

Readings In this 6-month unit are from:

  • Being with Dying, Cultivating Compassion & Fearlessness in the Face of Death by Joan Halifax
  • The Four Things That Matter most by Ira Byock.

Various Continuing Professional Development / Accreditation

Enter your details below to receive further information

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Videos (Talks & Conferences)

24th Annual Moving Points in Palliative Care Conference – Four talks are available on YouTube.

In March 2018, over a hundred participants signed up for our 24th Annual Moving Points in Palliative Care Conference.  The theme this year was on building resilience. Through the expert hands of Dr. Michael Kearney and Dr. Radhule Weininger, conference participants had a unique experience to explore the nurturing triad of mindfulness, self-compassion and nature connection.

Click here to view talks

Rheum for Health ~ Multidisciplinary Bi-Annual Conference on Healthy Living with Arthritis- Three talks are available on YouTube.

Copyright: University College Dublin Press

The first ever ‘Rheum for Health Conference’ was held in the Education & Research Centre in December 2017. The conference was opened with an inspiring and thought provoking presentation on ‘The Power of Fat’ by the renowned Professor Donal O’Shea, HSE Clinical Lead for Obesity.

A key objective of the conference was to capture the multidisciplinary team approach to caring for patients with chronic illnesses.

Click here to view talks

23rd Moving Points in Palliative Care Conference 2017 – Selfcare & Compassion in HealthCare

With expert international speakers, this exciting one day conference will explore the increasingly recognised area of self-care and compassion in healthcare. Speakers will focus on individual needs and how organisations can support them. It will highlight the importance of reflection and resilience and enable participants to develop vital skills in this important area. We are delighted to welcome Dr Michael Kearney, the internationally renowned palliative care expert, speaker and author who will provide the morning session. In the afternoon we are honoured to have Professor Philip Larkin, of UCD and President of the European Association for Palliative Care speaking on compassion, a subject on which he has researched and written extensively.

Click here to view talks

Grand Rounds

Palliative Medicine Grand Rounds is a weekly postgraduate physician education meeting. It is held on Friday at 8am in the Lecture Theatre of the Education & Research Centre.

The weekly sessions are open to all staff with specific emphasis on postgraduate physicians, medical staff, and nurses. Professionals from other healthcare disciplines are welcome to attend; this does not include members of the general public.

Each week the talk is streamed to off site locations (currently Blackrock, Wicklow Palliative Team and Milford Care Centre). To gain access to Grand Rounds streaming, please contact ncodd@olh.ie

Click here to view talks

Click on the ‘full screen’ icon in the bottom right of a video to enlarge

Prof Donal O’Shea – The Power of Fat
From the Rheum for Health conference on Dec 5 – 2017.

Grainne O’Leary – Facing Arthritis Together
From the Rheum for Health conference on Dec 5 – 2017.

Dr Louise Larkin – Physical Activitiy in Rheumatoid Arthritis
From the Rheum for Health conference on Dec 5 – 2017.

The Cicely saunders Annual Lecture 2017: Proffessor Kissane.
Lecture starts at roughly 30 minutes in.

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