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How You Can Be Referred To Our Services

If your consultant decides that our service is appropriate for your needs, a referral will be made for you to attend the service as an inpatient or day patient. At present, it is not possible for private patients to attend our day care service.

There is a waiting list for admission to both inpatient and day patient services, and once a vacancy becomes available you will be contacted by telephone. We aim to give every patient two to three weeks’ notice, where possible. The day patient service is run on a one to five day basis. This is organised to suit each individual’s needs, following assessment.

The length of your inpatient stay or the frequency of your attendance as a day patient will be agreed by you and your healthcare team, depending on your initial and continuous weekly assessments. The standard length of stay for inpatients is two to three weeks.

You may be attending as a day patient for between one and three days per week, or you may be attending as an inpatient, staying for five consecutive days and returning home at the weekends.

Referral to the centre are accepted via the Admissions Office in OLH&CS directly from SVUH, SVPH, Blackrock Clinic, ST James Hospital, Tallaght hospital.  All other referrals are accepted following consultation with SVUH Consultants.

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