This service is available to patients with cancer, and other advanced progressive life limiting conditions that produce challenging symptoms, which need specialist input.  Your doctor will advise you if it is appropriate for your needs.  The catchment area for Wicklow Hospice covers all the county except for West Wicklow which is served by St Brigid’s Hospice in Kildare.  

We require your GP’s consent to link you to our service, as it forms one part of an integrated community service. You, a family member, or your Public Health Nurse (PHN) can initiate referral to our services, by talking to the GP or hospital team should fill out a specialist palliative care referral form and send it to us in OLH&CS. Priority is always given to the patient with greater needs. 

If your needs change, your care may be transferred to another part of the service that may suit you better.  Also, if your symptoms improve, you may be discharged from the specialist palliative care service back to the care of your GP or hospital team.