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All healthcare professionals working with people who have life-limiting conditions are involved in providing palliative care. For many people with life-limiting conditions, palliative care delivered by their usual treating team is sufficient to meet their needs. Useful guidance in relation to determining a patient’s need for specialist palliative care is available in Palliative Care Needs Assessment – A Guide for Health Care Professionals

This guidance has been prepared as part of the Palliative Care Clinical Programme within the Clinical Strategy and Programmes Directorate of the HSE.

Eligibility criteria for referral to specialist palliative care services:

Patients with both:

  • an advanced, life limiting condition
  • current and anticipated complexities relating to symptom control, end of life care planning or other physical, psychosocial or spiritual care needs that cannot reasonably be met by the current care provider(s)

OLH&CS accepts referrals for community based services (comprising community specialist palliative care team, day hospice and outpatient services) and inpatient unit admissions through the National Specialist Palliative Care Service referral form. Please complete the form in detail, attach copies of recent correspondence, imaging reports and blood results as appropriate and return to us at:

Fax: (01) 497 9344

Patient Services Department
Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services
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Specialist Palliative Care Referral Form

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