Specialist Palliative Care Unit

The Specialist Palliative Care unit is made up of two wards; St Catherines ward and St Gabriels ward.  Each ward has 18 beds.  There are a combination of single rooms and four-bedded bays (designated male or female).  The ward is on the ground floor, with easy access into the garden areas, and lots of space.

Each ward area also includes a Day room, where patients and family members can spend time together or where patients can take a break away from the busier areas of the ward.  The Day room is a relaxing, open space, with couches and chairs to sit in.  There is a TV and selection of DVDs, some children’s toys, a computer with internet access and a library area of books and games.  On occasion where there is something particular you wish to celebrate with your family or friends, this can be a useful room to get together in.  We also use the Day room to have family meetings with you and those closest to you.

There is a kitchen on each ward, where the household staff prepare meals.  Whilst patients can avail of tea/coffee and light snacks at any time of the day or night, we ask that you do not access the kitchen directly yourselves: the staff will be happy to get anything you need.

There is a small smoking room close to the ward for patient use only.

While a patient on the ward, you can easily access the other areas of the hospice, like the restaurant and shop, the gardens, the chapel, group activities in the occupational therapy department, and the physiotherapy gym.