Day Hospice

Patients attend one day a week and an individualised programme of care is developed for each person, according to their needs. In Day Hospice, you can meet all the members of the team, which includes:
clinical nurse specialists, the doctor, the occupational therapist, the social worker, the chaplain, the complementary therapist and the physiotherapist. Many patients also enjoy meeting other patients in Day Hospice, who might have similar problems to them.

On the first day you will meet a member of the team, be shown around the Day Hospice facilities and have a programme of care formulated to meet your needs. This programme is developed to meet your particular needs that are identified, with your agreement.  Examples might be a programme of rehabilitation with the physiotherapist and occupational therapist, a counselling session with the medical social worker, a medical review with the doctor, or a reflexology appointment with the complementary therapist.  The interventions planned are delivered over an agreed period of time (such as one day per week over 8-12 weeks).  Your programme is reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

Day Hospice services are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  A suitable day will be agreed with you.  Patients attend between 10.45am and 3pm.