Advanced Nurse Practitioner Clinic

The aim of the ANP out-patient clinic is to optimise patient and carer choice for you. This service is provided by an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who is a nurse with further training and skills. Out-patient clinics allow for appointments to be arranged which fit in with other appointments, and your lifestyle. It may be a good way to initiate contact with the palliative care services.
Following the initial assessment where a detailed history is taken and needs are assessed, a plan of care is developed and appointments are then arranged on a needs basis. Telephone support is available between appointments. If your plan of care identifies issues which can be facilitated by referral to members of the wider team, these can be arranged on an out-patient basis, often co-ordinated with your ANP appointment.

Breathlessness Management Clinic

The Breathlessness Management clinic is for patients with breathlessness that is not responding to regular treatment.  It is part of the ANP Out-patient service.  The programme aims to help people to manage their breathing through changing the way they do things that induce breathlessness, using breathing and relaxation techniques and in some cases being prescribed a specific medication that may help.  The programme is run over 4 to 6 weeks and is delivered by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and the Advanced Nurse Practitioner.