Community Palliative Care

The community palliative care service is provided by a team of specialist nurses, doctors and allied healthcare professionals, who work closely with your primary healthcare team, including your GP, public health nurse, social services and the acute hospital team. Our goal is to complement their role, with our specialist knowledge and experience. We do not replace or duplicate their work. We provide advice and support for you and your family / carers, to help you to be as well as possible at home, for as long as possible.

What happens at a first review?
A doctor or a nurse will arrange to meet with you and your family. Based on your needs, this can be by appointment at the hospice, or a visit to your home. At this review we will take a detailed record of your circumstances. This will include assessing how you feel, both physically and emotionally. We will explain the service and begin to formulate a plan of care with you. We will make contact with your GP to discuss your care needs and offer advice and support. Arrangements for the next review will be agreed with you.

What happens at the next review?
We will provide you and your family with an opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns in relation to your illness, treatment plan or medications, and review your progress. We will work closely with your GP, PHN and acute hospital team. We will also provide information on the other services that are available at OLH&CS, or other organisations such as the Irish Cancer Society night nursing service or the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association.

The community palliative care service is delivered in differing ways. This offers you choice and flexibility. As your needs change you may be introduced to different parts of our palliative care services where your needs will be best met. These include:

  • Community Palliative Care Team (CPCT), who may visit you at home or meet you at our out-patient clinic
  • Day Hospice, at Harold’s Cross or Blackrock Hospice
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner Clinic, at Harold’s Cross
  • Consultant-led clinics, in Blackrock Hospice or at the acute hospital where you attend

Can I be discharged from the service?
For some patients, their condition may change or stabilise such that our involvement is no longer necessary and they can be discharged back to the care of their GP or hospital team. You can of course be referred back at any time should you again need specialist palliative care.