Dublin City Marathon

The Dublin City Marathon takes place Sunday 24th October 2021 @ 8:45am. If you are thinking of going the distance and taking part on our behalf just get in touch and let us know!

There are loads of worthy charities, of course, we’d love if you could join our Dublin City Marathon team! Whether you running this for the first time or trying to get a new personal best, you can be assured that any funds that you raise for Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services will be going to help provide the type of loving, patient-centred care that so many depend upon at the end of their own life marathons.

Sign up below to join our Team

Organisers are hopeful that the event will proceed but there will be an option run a virtual marathon over the Bank Holiday 23rd, 24th & 25th October should the event not proceed or if places are over subscribed.   Just fill in the form below to join our team and we’ll send you out your application form and your Dublin City Marathon sponsorship pack! (Just remember to register separately with KBC) Please maintain social distance when training and taking part in your event. Always obey current HSE and government guidelines.

Register online today using the form below. You will receive a confirmation email by return and we will post out your T-shirt and sponsorship card. Thank you. (Remember you need to register separately with the organisers of the Dublin City Marathon.)

Register for The Dublin City Marathon

Note: Registering with Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services does not mean you have registered for the race.  Remember that you need to register with the KBC Dublin Marathon 2021 online http://kbcdublinmarathon.ie/enter-marathon/

All entries made for 2020 have now been transferred to 2021. KBC is currently encouraging virtual events including Run Your Town.

For full details please see their website http://kbcdublinmarathon.ie/enter-marathon/

Terms & Conditions

 Sponsorship Cards are issued subject to the following conditions:

  1. Any change of participants address must be notified to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.
  2. You must only seek sponsorship from people who are known to you personally or who live in your immediate vicinity. Door to door calls are not permissible unless you know the residents and in all cases should be made during daylight hours.
  3. The full name and address of all persons offering sponsorship and the amount sponsored must be clearly stated on your card at the time of its donation.
  4. Card/s should not be altered or defaced nor should it/they be used for any other purpose than specified event.
  5. Card/s will remain the sole property of the Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services .  Any loss or theft of card/s must be reported to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services immediately.
  6. In the event of your card/s being incomplete or unused, it must be returned to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.
  7. Card/s are issued for the applicants use only and must not be passed on to third parties seeking sponsorship on your behalf. (Cards can be issued in the name of the third parties if wished).
  8. All monies must be returned to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services together with the relevant sponsorship card within one month of the event.
  9. I understand that photographs/interviews/or films taken by Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services at this event will be used for Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services publications/promotional materials, its website, social media outlets (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or video sharing site (such as YouTube).
  10. I understand that Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services may also use photographs/interviews/films to promote its mission and generate awareness of its range of services i.e. palliative, elder and rheumatology care.
  11. As it is not always possible for us to ask each individual’s permission to use a photo/interview/film we kindly ask that if you do not wish to be photographed/interviewed/filmed that you make this known at the time of the event.
  12. I understand that Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services cannot control the use of photos/interviews/films taken by an outside organisation e.g. media.

These conditions are to safeguard the integrity of those seeking and those giving sponsorship and to comply with the wishes of the Gardai.  


  • Remember: We want you to enjoy your event and stay safe! Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury caused during the event. The Hospice’s insurance does not cover property or the property of any helpers or guests, nor does it cover your personal liability for any injury suffered by yourself or event participants. Remember to use common sense when it comes to health and safety.
  • The Fundraiser agrees to release the Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services to the fullest extent permissible under law for claims and demands of any kind, and from all liability that may arise in respect of any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person, except where such liability arises because of the negligence of Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services or its agents.
  • Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services reserves the right to terminate the agreement relating to an event at any time if it appears that a likelihood of the Fundraiser failing to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions. there is a likelihood of the Fundraiser failing to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions.