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Patient Priority Pledge

As part of our Clinical Governance Framework a new quality initiative the Patient Priority Pledge was launched in 2012 to improve patients/residents experiences in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.

This assists Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services to ensure continued focus on our Quality Accounts.

  • The full title of the Initiative is “The Patient Priority Pledge – Your Journey, Our Mission”.
  • The title was selected by presenting a selection of titles to the patients/residents and choosing the top two preferences.
  • A “pledge” was developed which includes a set of shared values and behavioural standards expected of staff. This has been designed into a poster format that is displayed outside each unit so that patients/residents will know what to expect in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.
  • The Patient Priority Pledge has been translated into a pocket size challenge card.  All staff are encouraged to carry this card.
  • There are five other components to the initiative
    • Key Performance Indicators/Audit
    • Step Into My World
    • Champions Groups
    • Linking Education with Practice – L.E.A.P.
    • Quality, Performance and Practice Group (QPG)

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