What We Do

We provide an intensive programme of care designed to suit your specific needs, which will be carried out over approximately two to three weeks, depending on your needs, and we will do this on a day or inpatient basis.

The overall aim of our team is to improve your symptoms, function and wellbeing.

While you are with us, we will work together on your assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing disease management.

Your Time with Us

You will be admitted to the RMDU under the supervision of the consultant who will be responsible for your care during your time with us.

Once admitted, a doctor (senior house officer) will take a full medical history, perform a full medical examination and coordinate any necessary tests under the guidance of your consultant.

Patients will have their own individualised treatment plan drawn up, based on their needs. A daily programme will vary according to those needs and include physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, O/T and other sessions.

Consultant-led multidisplinary team rounds take place on a weekly basis, during which your case will be presented and discussed.  Treatment change decisions, additional investigations and discharge plans will discussed with you during these ward rounds.

(NOTE: Generally ward rounds take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  This is subject to change so confirm with the nurse on the ward).

As part of our care programme, the majority of our inpatients return home at the weekends.  You will be expected to make your own arrangements for this.