Specialist Palliative Care Unit

The specialist Palliative Care unit in Blackrock Hospice is known as the Saint Thérèse unit. It has twelve single, en-suite rooms, each of which has a TV/DVD player, small fridge and internet access.  The unit is on the ground floor, and every room has access to our garden area.

The unit also has a Day Room with a dedicated play area for visiting children, and a Quiet Room, where patients and family members can spend time together or where patients can take a break away from the busier areas of the ward. The Day Room and Quiet Room are both designed to provide patients and their families with a relaxing, open space.

On occasion, when there is something particular you wish to celebrate with your family or friends, both rooms can serve as a useful space to get together in. Both rooms are also used for family meetings.

There is a ward kitchen where the household staff prepares meals. Patients can avail of refreshments and light snacks at any time, day or night, but they are requested not to access the kitchen directly.  Staff members are happy to help out.  There is also a small smoking room for patient use only.