Hospice Sunflower Days – ‘Together we Remember’

Little Flower Of Life has changed…

Hospice Sunflower Days – ‘Together We Remember’  is our new Summer Campaign.

As we cannot fundraise on the streets this year, we’re transforming our existing Sunflower Days appeal and combining it with our much loved Little Flower of Life.

This is new and exciting for us and has at its heart and roots a long and loved tradition here in the hospice. To learn more please click below.

Hospice Sunflower Days – ‘Together We Remember’

Little Flower of Life 2020

Last year, Little Flower of Life had to be different– because of the restrictions, we could not hold our event in the way that we normally do.

Instead we planted your cards in our gardens at Harold’s Cross, Blackrock and Wicklow and held a reflective ceremony at all three sites for all those remembered.

You can watch the 2020 Reflective Ceremony here:

Thank you so much to everyone who supports the campaign each year.

Our hospice gardens are crucially important to our patients, families and staff. Bursting with life-enhancing flowers, shrubs, trees, scents and sounds – they are a vital part of holistic care, offering enormous benefits to patients.