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Organise or take part in your own event

There are lots of ways of fun ways to raise funds.

Organise or take part in a sponsored event or activity or hold an event of your own.

There are endless ideas: walk, cycle, run, swim, head shave or chest wax, concert, table quizzes and benefit nights.

Try to think about what you, your friends and family would enjoy and support.

Give us a call 01-4911072 and our events team will guide you and give you any advice and help that you need including sponsorship forms, collection buckets and t-shirts!

Fundraising Pack

Fundraising Tips (2019)

Alternatively, if you have an idea for a fundraising event and would like to discuss it with us, please complete the form below and we will delighted to contact you back to discuss your ideas.

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Ways You can Help!


Lend a helping hand.

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Make a Difference

You can help us by joining an event, organising your own, or volunteering your time – we’d be so glad of your support.

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Small Change

Your Small Change makes a Big Difference.

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