Palliative Care Symptom Management Workshop Series Day 4 – Miscellaneous Symptoms and Issues

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Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services have taken the decision to close the Education & Research Centre to all activity, in order to minimise the risk to our patients and staff. Accordingly, we have had to take the sad decision to cancel all events and courses that were due to take place onsite during that time. The intention is to hold these events at a later date or, alternatively, continue with an online format.

This online workshop aims to provide those working in palliative care (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, social-worker and occupational therapists) whether new to specialist palliative care or those working in non-specialist care with an opportunity to develop their theoretical knowledge in palliative care  symptom management (miscellaneous symptoms and issues to manage in palliative care) in order to optimise the quality of life of patients with life-limiting conditions.

Having worked through the online material, these workshops will culminate in a one-hour live case study presentation delivered by one of our clinical nurse specialists from the community palliative care team via Zoom.

The case study will be presented at 15.00 on the day of each workshop. The final live presentation during Workshop 4 on the 25 May 2021 will be delivered  by Dr. Michael Connolly, Joint Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing and will explore “A Palliative Approach to End-of-Life Care”.

Certificate:            Workshop 4 - Managing Emergencies, Ethical Issues and Breathlessness in Palliative Care

Date:                    Tuesday 25 May 2021

Venue:                  This course has been moved to an online format

Fee:                       €55

Further Info:        This is an online course. All who book on to this course will be provided with a link to course materials which should be read/viewed prior to an hour-long live question & answer webinar on the day itself, running from approximately an hour, between 15.00 and 16.00.

Day 4 – Miscellaneous

TUESDAY May 25th 2021  
Title of Topics Covered  Speaker/Author
Introduction Mary Bell
Breathlessness (Heart failure, COPD) Julie Goss
Palliative Care Emergencies (Spinal Cord Compression,


SVC obstruction)

Catherine Turner
Ethical issues Dr Joan Cunningham
Live Webinar Case Study: A Palliative Care Approach to End-of-Life Care Dr. Michael Connolly, Joint Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing


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