Visiting Arrangements

Family and friends are always welcome to visit Anna Gaynor House. We don’t have set visiting times but we do ask that people don’t visit in the early morning, which is a busy time for patients.

Visits Home

Our residents are encouraged to maintain contact with family and friends. This may include visits home, subject to the approval of the Medical Officer or Ward Manager. The Ward Manager must be advised, as early as possible, of any proposed visits home.  The Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist are available to advise you on the use of wheelchairs, transfer techniques and adaptations within your home, if appropriate.

Personal Belongings

We encourage residents to bring in items such as photos, art works and other effects which will make them feel more at home in their rooms.

Advocacy for Residents

A Residents’ Committee, comprising a small group representing all Anna Gaynor Residents, meets on a monthly basis. This committee, facilitated by two Social Workers, is concerned with addressing issues which arise for you in line with the following objectives:

1. To voice the views and wishes of the Residents.
2. To bring Residents’ issues to the attention of Staff and Management.
3. To contribute to a close working partnership of Residents, Staff and Management.
4. To work together to implement changes that have been identified by Residents.
5. The Deputy Director of Nursing (Linda Kearns) is available to speak to any Resident if they have any concerns. She can be contacted at Ext. 826 or Linda is also on the wards on a daily basis should you wish to speak to her also.

There is also access to an independent advocate separate from Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services on request.

Medical Social Workers

A team of medical social workers is based in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services to provide a personal and confidential service to residents and relatives.

If residents are anxious or worried about any problem, emotional or practical, their progress could be hindered. Consultation with the social workers may resolve some of these issues. You will be given an opportunity to consider your individual choices and to reach decisions.

Meal Times/ Catering

Meal times:
Breakfast: 8.30 am
Lunch: 12.30 pm
Tea: 4.45 pm

**Menu choices are taken in advance.

Relatives and friends are encouraged to visit at the above times to assist their relative/friend with their meals.

If you wish to have meals at different times or in different areas of the Hospice, please advise a member of staff.

Snacks and drinks are also offered at regular intervals and on request. There are vending machines available also.

(Special arrangements can be made if these times don’t suit on a particular day)


We cannot take any responsibility for personal items retained by you throughout your stay. We strongly advise you not to bring any valuables, e.g. jewellery or large amounts of cash. Safe boxes are not available on the wards. If you are an inatient, please leave your valuables in the care of relatives or friends. In exceptional circumstances, we will take care of valuables, provided they are listed and handed to the manager for safe keeping.

Each patient is provided with a lockable bedside locker. We recommend that residents keep no more than €50 and that they lock it away. The general office operates a system whereby money can be stored safely for residents and accessed during office hours.


If you are taking any tablets or other medicines, including eye drops, inhalers, patches, gel for pain and supplements, it would be very helpful if you could bring these with you on the day of your admission. If this is not possible, please bring an up to date prescription or medication list with you. This will allow the doctor and pharmacist to know exactly what medicine(s) you are taking and review them, if necessary.

Following your admission to Anna Gaynor House, the Pharmacy Department in Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services will supply any medicines that you require.

Suggestions and Complaints

Should you wish to make a complaint, please ask for one of our nurses or ward managers to discuss your concerns. There are suggestion boxes available on each ward in Anna Gaynor House, into which written complaints or suggestions can be dropped. The boxes are checked regularly, and all suggestions are discussed by the team.

Wi-Fi (Internet)

There is free Wi-Fi (Internet) connectivity available throughout the premises. Open access PC is also available in the restaurant. Internet access on the wards will soon be available.


We have no ATM service and credit card payments are not available in the facilities.


A hairdressing service is available between 9am and 5pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Phone No: 01-406 8662. (Business cards are available from the office; please ask staff).

When booking an appointment, please ensure that it does not interfere with your programme for that day.

Laundry Service

Laundering of clothes is carried out by an external agency on behalf of the Hospice or it can be taken home by the Resident’s relatives/friends.

A laundry bag will be left at the back of your locker. To avoid loss or misplacement of items of clothing, each item should be marked with the Resident’s name and the name of the Ward.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is restricted during all therapy sessions. . Mobile top-ups are available at the Main Reception desk.

Public Phones

Public payphones are located on some wards and by the Security Desk and Main Reception.

It may also be possible to arrange a landline for residents which can be billed accordingly.


For the protection of our residents, CCTV cameras monitor the hospice both internally and externally 24hrs a day. Any security incidents, including items lost or found, should be reported to the Security Office in the Palliative Care entrance hall.

Car Parking Facilities

Free car parking is available for patients and visitors.

Smoke Free Environment

Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services promotes a smoke free environment.  However, there is a smoking room, for Residents only, in Anna Gaynor House.  There are also several designated smoking areas in the grounds.