What is Supportive Palliative Care?

Supportive Palliative Care is guided by the Palliative Philosophy (i.e. care that is individualised to each patient’s needs). It acknowledges the person’s physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs and is delivered through a multi-professional approach.  Supportive Palliative Care is delivered by a generalist team with some training in Palliative Care.  Patients admitted under this service are accommodated in Anna Gaynor House.

Which patients are considered suitable for admission to a Palliative Care support bed at Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services?

We consider all people with advanced chronic or terminal illness who:

1. Will benefit particularly from a Palliative Care approach.
2. Have a prognosis of less than twelve months.
3. Are dependent on nursing and medical care and for whom recovery to independent living is unlikely.
4. Are over the age of 65. These support beds are within a residential unit, and as such residents are generally over 65 years of age. Younger people are considered on a case-by-case basis.
5. Have specific needs that can be met by the unit.

Who will be looking after me?

Our care team includes doctors, nurses, care assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, complementary and creative arts therapists, chaplaincy, chiropodist and volunteers. There is also a specialist Palliative Care support team.

What sort of accommodation is available?

There is a mixture of accommodation:  four-bed (single gender), twin rooms and single rooms.

How is a referral made?

You may be referred to a palliative care support bed by a palliative care consultant, if appropriate.  The referral form is available from and returned to the Admissions Manager. If you have not already been reviewed by a consultant in Palliative Medicine, we can make the necessary arrangements.

What happens next?

All new referrals, which are normally submitted by a PC Consultant, are assessed by the admissions committee, chaired by the Medical Director of the service. Decisions and outcomes are notified to the referring Doctor.

Because vacancies in Anna Gaynor House are only available occasionally, a waiting list is to be expected. During this time the Admissions Manager will maintain contact with the Referrer.

Can I come and see the unit?

Certainly, you can arrange to visit the unit by contacting the Admissions Manager on 01 406 8790.

What does it cost?

Charges will be agreed in consultation with the Patient Accounts Office on completion of the relevant Financial Assessment Form under Health (Charges for Inpatient Services) Regulations 2005.