This research team, led by Prof. Declan Walsh, is a joint initiative between Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. The research is focused on improving the lives of those living with cancer and other life-limiting conditions.



1. Symptom Assessment:
Identify the challenges of symptom assessment
Explore symptom assessment preferences
Measure symptoms in ways that don’t burden the person living with cancer.

2. Cancer Malnutrition:
Understanding the complex science of mal-nutrition in cancer
Study dietitian referral, screening, assessment
Examine the suitability of Oral Nutritional Supplements / Nutrition treatments in cancer


3. Fatigue in Cancer:
Understand the complex science of fatigue in cancer
Explore brain and muscle function in cancer fatigue
Identify objective measures to improve the assessment of people’s ability to function when fatigued


4. Information Technology:
Portable/bedside/community devices to measure symptoms
Remote access: Capture real-time data in multiple settings
Easy to use/ acceptable to patients & staff