Palliative Care Symptom Management Workshop 4-Day Series

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This series of stand-alone half-day workshops aims to provide nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, social workers and occupational therapists, whether new to specialist palliative care or those working in non-specialist care, with an opportunity to develop their theoretical knowledge in palliative care symptom management in order to optimise the quality of life of patients with life-limiting conditions.

This programme will provide participants with a good understanding of person-centred palliative care using palliative care using case scenarios of both life-limiting malignant and non-malignant disease.

Certificate:            Workshops 1: Pain, 2: Gastrointestinal; 3: Central Nervous System; 4: Miscellaneous

Date:                    Wednesdays 27 February, 10 April, 1 May, 29 May 2019

Venue:                  Education and Research Centre, Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W

Fee:                       €195

Further Info:        These are half-day workshops running from 13.30 to 17.00

Day 1- Understanding the principles of Pain Management in palliative care

Title Speaker
Pain Assessment Noreen Holland
The WHO analgesic ladder and the management of pain using opioids.

– 1. How to escalate opioid doses 2. Opioid induced side effect management 3. Management of opioid toxicity 4. Opioid rotation

Dr Norma O Leary
Understanding the Pathways of Pain integrating the ‘why’ of the assessment and ‘how’ the analgesic works Stephanie Doyle

Day 2 – Gastro Intestinal Symptom Management

Title Speaker
GIT symptoms-physiology/pathology Dr Laura Mulqueen
Managing nausea and vomiting Dr Laura Mulqueen
Managing constipation Steven McDermott
Pharmaceutical input of GIT symptoms Eimear O Dwyer-Pharmacist

Day 3 – Central Nervous System Symptom Management

Title Speaker
Delirium  & pharmaceutical management SpR & Pharmacist
Motor Neurone disease Bernie Corr
Depression/Altered mood-Coping Social Worker

Day 4 – Miscellaneous Symptoms and Issues to Manage in Palliative Care

Title Speaker
Breathlessness Julie Goss
Palliative Care Emergencies (Spinal Cord Compression,

Haemorrhage, SVC obstruction)

Steven McDermott
Ethical issues Prof. Joan Cunningham

Discussions and questions on the above topics to follow


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