Life isn’t always, or even often, easy. And yet, when it’s lived authentically, being true to who we really are, rather than simply adapting to what we think others want, then it’s a thrill. It’s my passion to share that joyful possibility with you in a safe space and have fun while we do it!

On this course you will:

  • Explore effective communication and the barriers to it
  • Learn practices for self-care through compassionate listening
  • Learn what you are and aren’t responsible for in communication.
  • Practice awareness of your own and others’ vulnerability
  • Learn techniques that help you de-stress and cope with daily life
  • Learn how to use what you already have, to get what you want.
  • Have fun!

Nuala McKeever is a television writer and performer, based in Belfast. With twenty five years’ experience of creating characters and entertaining audiences, she has developed highly acclaimed workshops in Communication. After the sudden death of her partner in 2013, Nuala discovered the benefits of mindful meditation. She regularly delivers sessions on self-compassion, with humour, to people in the private, public and voluntary sectors.