Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services has been supported wonderfully by the public through donations, fundraising events and bequests for which we are extremely grateful. Without this support we would be unable to provide the level of service that we do. Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services is signed up to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising as outlined in the Charities Regulation Bill and has fully committed itself to implementing all the principles and is also fully compliant with the HSE Annual Compliance Statement for Section 38 Agencies.

Since the public sector staff embargo was introduced in 2008, and HSE funding to Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services has been reduced by 26%, monies have had to be provided from fundraising income for front line positions, including nurses, doctors, therapists and care staff. At present we are funding the equivalent of 60 whole time posts through the generosity of the public. The Board of Directors is committed to keeping all our services and beds open and has utilised fundraising reserves to pay for these staff at a cost of €3 million this year.

Fundraising income is also used to fund major capital projects and maintenance programmes. A major redevelopment project of Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services has been designed and development which commences in 2015. The balance of the accumulated reserves will be used to fund this project although they make up just  a small part of the total cost which when completed will cost in the region of €40 million.