For almost 140 years, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services has provided high quality care to those who need it in our local community and it is from these strong foundations that we plan to grow.

The scale of the healthcare challenges facing us are unprecedented. We are an aging population and as we grow older we are experiencing more complex health and social care needs. It is estimated that by 2026, the numbers of those over 65 will have increased by 30%. This also comes at a time when Government funding is facing significant financial pressures. It is essential that Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services plays an important role in responding to these diverse challenges and growing demand. We passionately believe that everyone living in our community should be able to access high quality, excellent and person-centred care when they need it. Based on our values, we believe that our services should be delivered in the most appropriate and effective way to respond to the needs of the individual and their family.

Our response to these challenges is set out in this five year strategic plan. This plan, 2017 – 2022, is ambitious and progressive and strives to deliver upon our core vision: to provide the highest quality of life for our patients and residents. We aim to adapt an integrated approach to delivery of care across our three specialisms supporting our patients and residents with life limiting conditions and/or chronic illness.

To develop this ambitious strategic plan, we listened to many voices and undertook a comprehensive consultative process with our service users, staff, our Board of Directors, our management team, our volunteers and our external partners, funders and stakeholders whilst aligning nationally with clinical strategy programmes in the delivery of new models of integrated care. Our progressive vision includes incremental growth and change, including welcoming Wicklow Hospice to the Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services family, and will be achieved through a series of model reviews and consultation with our internal and external colleagues, partners and associates across in-patient,out-patient and community outreach settings.